Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Statement Of Truth

If you believe it's time to put principals above parties, character above campaign promises and common sense above all--then come and join our cause!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friends Of Liberty. . .

Sat. October 10 another rally with Friends of Liberty

Jay Bozievich Is Running For Office

. . . . NEWS ALERT. . . .
Jay Bozievich
will be making a public statement,
regarding the race for the Lane County Board of Commissioners.
We would very much like to have you there.
The event will be Tuesday, 10/6, at 3:30 PM Location: 1150 Bay Street. (the end of Bay Street toward the ocean)
Please invite your friends to show support for Jay and his commitment to public service.
For those of you that don’t know Jay, he has been an Engineer for almost 30 years currently working for EWEB. He has lived in Lane County for the last 16 years, resides in Elmira with his wife of 27 years. He has a solid history of community involvement. In addition to the LCC Board, he was a leader in the effort to secure a library for River Road/Santa Clara. He served on the River Road/ Santa Clara Urban Services Committee, the Lane Economic Committee, the City Club of Eugene, the Eugene Metropolitan Rotary (officer and member), and the Fernridge Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Elizabeth, also have served as a Rotary and EF Host Family to foreign exchange students.

Glenn Beck At Safeco Field Seattle Washington

Safeco Field, Seattle Washington

Glenn Beck

Glenn gave one of his usual great talks/speeches/testimonies. . .how ever you look at it.
He shared things about his roots in Washington, about his faith and his convictions.
He talked politics. . surprise there!! He talked about his love of this country and
the Constitution, about the soldiers and what we, as Americans need to do to make this country a better place and to make sure our children have the same dreams to look forward
to as we did.

September 12,2009